This category includes examples by known designers and include company logos, trees, plants, animals, repeating patterns, text, landscapes, cars, or trucks. Examples by known designers are included along with examples that belong in the classification although they may be anonymous. These are examples by Jim McNeil.


Round, Sine Wave and Arrows combined. This design was named after the owner.


A traditional example of round shingles on the tower and adjacent walls with a lone Shamrock embedded in the tower roof. It was made using medium re-sawn shakes and integrated into the shingle work.

Trudy Flower and Kastner Rope

This design was originally completed in the early 1980’s. The simple, yet effective Trudy flower is just a variation of the round family. Unfortunately, this house had a catastrophic fire with one death. The site is now part of a city park.


Three parallel sine waves are the basis for this design. Note the resolving to plain rows to go around the corners.

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