Before the Tin Man V2.0

In April 2002 “Before the Tin Man V2.0” was released. The name was influenced (in part) after a 1987 movie called “Tin Men” starring Richard Dreyfuss, Danny DeVito and Barbara Hershey. It was named “Before the Tin Man” to reflect what society used to do for siding and venerating the countless, antique decorative shingle projects already hiding under Aluminum. Of course, aluminum siding is now out of fashion and the modern equivalent is vinyl or cement board. 

The Outer Wrap for V 2.0

Before the Tin Man was distributed in data CD format as a multi-platform, run-time database. This format allows searching certain shapes or other criteria. It has over 800 photos of decorative shingle projects and 500 drawings of various installation spacings and combinations. It was reviewed in Fine Homebuilding #152, It went on to become an important resource for Heritage societies, architects, designers, siders and builders as well as those planning their own decorative project.

“…The designs range from the traditional half-round scallop effect to some that are as mind-bending as an Escher print”.

Mike Guertin – Fine Homebuilding #152

Before the Tin Man V 3.0

Finally, after almost 2 decades, an update to Before the Tin Man is about to be released.
One of the last niche products to be completely overlooked in Man’s quest to make everything as complex as possible, Decorative Shingles have now been brought up to date. Today’s desire for unique, customizable, and durable exteriors or feature walls can now include previously unexplored and unexploited shapes and combinations. There’s now no reason to do the same design twice!

Two Versions – Inspiration and Pro

Before the Tin Man – Inspiration is designed for those interested in decorative shingles as a possible treatment for their own home or business. Although exact specifications have not been finalized, It contains records and photos of decorative shingle projects as well as printable vector templates for basic shingle shapes along with hundreds of pages of shingle design examples in pdf format. Before the Tin Man – Inspiration will be a digital download (320 MB). It is scheduled for release in the fall of ’21.

Before the Tin ManPro includes:

• Master PDF file with all the vector templates.
• ≈ 750 photos and renderings of decorative shingle projects.
• ≈ 1350 vector shingle templates
• ≈ 10,000+ vector pdf pages of examples
• 1300+ Individual shingle shape vector files in editable eps format.
• Vector templates for creating parallel long sine waves from 3 shingle width to 8 shingles wide with various amplitudes.
• Complete, 6 course address numbers for integrated address numbering
• Vector files are unlocked so they can be used with many drawing and drafting programs.
• All vector files were authored and are compatible with Illustrator 6.0 and later.
• So much choice, you won’t be able to choose!

Before the Tin Man – Pro will be a digital download and around 4GB in size. It is scheduled for release in the fall of ’21.

Exact configuration of the two versions is still to be determined.

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