The Custom classification includes artistic work and unusual shapes or unique repeating patterns. This classification distinguishes itself by a uniqueness of shingle shapes or overall design.

Lunenberg Custom

Some custom shapes are sometimes found in a certain area. This design is very unique although one of the shapes is also used on other houses in Lunenberg, NS

Acorn and Dimensional

This tower was likely clad in this unique design in the early 1900’s. It has a version of the “acorn” shape and a small dimensional. There are a wide variety of shapes that have had the name “acorn” applied to them. Many other examples are in Before the Tin Man V3.0.

St John’s Anglican

Tall blunt diamonds yield a “chicken wire” effect. The sawtooth starters cast an interesting shadow.

Sointula Seaview

Three and Five Inch Round and Arrow shingles are used in this design overlooking the water on Malcolm Island B.C.

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